Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel

Partner 14

Tel-Aviv University is one of largest and top research universities in Israel. The University’s Blavatnik School of Computer Science, is of international standard and acclamation.
The university houses a very strong bioinformatics and computational biology center, which runs the prestigious, multi-million dollar Edmond J Safra bioinformatics program. The main focus of Tel-Aviv University in this project is to provide fundamental and technical contributions directly applicable to the development of the planned project, specifically on stoichiometric modeling of bacterial and human metabolism. This work will be carried out at the University’s School of Computer Science and School of Medicine.
Partner 14 is a partner involved in WP4.

Key contributor to activities is: Eytan Ruppin, Professor, MD, PhD.
  • Professor Eytan Ruppin
    Team Leader
    Professor Eytan Ruppin
    Blavatnik School of Computer Science and School of Medicine
    Tel Aviv University
    Tel Aviv 69978, Israel