LifeGlimmer GmbH, Berlin, Germany

Partner 11

LifeGlimmer GmbH is a newly established SME with the goal of providing to the Biotechnological, Biomedical and Environmental Research Communities an efficient way to outsource Scientific Computing needs.

In addition to the IT-resource infrastructure and knowledge for semantic translation tools, genome-scale metabolic and dynamic modeling and reverse engineering, expertise includes data warehousing and visualization, data mining, data integration and management, algorithm implementation, process scheduling, and on-the-cloud computing. This has been applied in a number of research settings, both in industry and academia.

Partner 11 is responsible for WP4.

Key contributors to activities are: Vítor Martins dos Santos.
  • Team Leader and the founder and CSO of Life Glimmer
    Professor VĂ­tor Martins dos Santos
    Markelstrasse 38, Berlin 12163, Germany