Work Package 8 - WP8

Dissemination is a major task of INFECT as the results will be translated into guidelines for classification and management of NSTI (WP2) and development of novel diagnostic tools (WP7), which will be of great benefit to the health care and to the patients.
INFECT will also generate advanced insight into the pathophysiology of NSTIs (WP1, 3, 4, 5 and 6) which will be valuable for the scientific community, the patients and their relatives, as well as SMEs. This work package focuses on dissemination defined as the spreading of information generated within the project, to researchers outside of the project, to the media, to other interested parties and to the general public. INFECT thus needs to reach out broadly and cover all our potential end-users. This will require different information materials and means of communications. Dissemination will be achieved through INFECT website, the patient organization (Partner 13) website, information material including brochures/leaflets/DVD, scientific publications, scientific presentations, press releases, interviews etc. Partners’ public relations departments available at respective organization (such as Karolinska Institutet Information Department) will be used to handle local information dissemination to the public, and we will collaborate with FP7 CommHERE for efficient dissemination at the European level.