Work Package 2 - WP2

There is an urgent need for improved diagnosis and treatment, as well increased understanding of parameters influencing disease progression and clinical outcome of NSTIs. In WP2, INFECT aims to achieve this by providing access to patient samples collected by standardized procedures and that are linked to systematically registered clinical data sets.

A joint Scandinavian clinical registry for NSTIs has been established. The clinical registry was designed by The Scandinavian NSTI study group and includes hospitalized NSTIs many of which require surgery and intensive care. Members of the study groups are Partners 2,3,4,5 and 6, who are all experts on these infections and they belong to major referral centers for NTSIs in Scandinavia. In addition, Partner 13 (the patient organization) has provided input in design of the registry, particularly focusing on the patients’ perspective. The registry including the NSTI patient cohort and associated biobank were used to create a centralized interactive database (restricted access).