Advisory board

The INFECT advisory board consists of two parts, one scientific and one ethics. The advisors will be invited to attend PSC meetings and Consortium meetings and will help to guide research directions and discuss results and other issues arising during the course of the project. Their role is to analyse the annual report and progress of project through presentations given by members of INFECT and to offer independent, impartial advice on potential areas for improvement and new avenues to explore.

Scientific advisors

For the scientific part the consortium has invited external scientific advisors to serve INFECT during the full duration of the project. The scientific advisory board consists of:

Dirk Jan Bakker, MD, PhD
Prof (Emeritus) of Surgery at University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Professor Bakker is an international authority on the use of adjuvant hyperbaric oxygen in the management of necrotizing soft-tissue infections.

Marina Morgan, MD
Consultant medical microbiologist at Royal Devon and Exeter hospital, UK.
Dr Morgan is an international expert on necrotizing soft tissue infections.

Matthias Reuss, Professor, Dr. Dr. h.c.
Director of the Stuttgart Centre for Systems Biology.
Professor Reuss is a renowned expert on systems biology/systems medicine will complete the board,

Ethics advisor

To ensure compliance to ethical guidelines, regulations and laws in this project an external independent ethical advisor has been appointed.

Marianne Schultzberg, Professor, PhD
Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden.
Professor Schultzberg has has ample experience in reviewing ethical issues, both internationally and nationally, and is well acquainted with European laws regulating research involving humans and animals.